Welcome to Western Interior Oil & Gas Corporation

We are a growth oriented company dedicated to finding, developing, and producing crude oil and natural gases from the onshore areas
of the western United States of America. The Company seeks to maximize asset value across a wide spectrum of the resource base by
focusing on the development of small footprint, high concentration, petroleum deposits.


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The art of discovery is to push the limits of
knowledge, blending creative ideas, science,
engineering, and technology, to identify new oil
and gas resources and to make them available for
the needs of humanity.
Development is the process of transforming
resources into producing reserves. Through this
process we seek to prove up and maximize the
stock of future supply, thereby creating wealth.
Through safe and efficient extraction & processing,
our goals are to maximize the profitability of
production operations, maintain long-term
capacity, and practice good stewardship of the
resources entrusted to our care.


Western Interior Oil & Gas Corporation

159 North Wolcott, Suite 330
Casper, WY 82601

Phone: +1 307-234-7192
Email: info@wiogc.com